Timothy Muffitt

Timothy Muffitt


Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra & Lansing Symphony Orchestra


"Over the past 14 years, since Timothy Muffitt took the helm as Music Director [Lansing Symphony Orchestra], the orchestra has been on an exciting path upwards. The orchestra plays better, programming has improved, audiences are larger and the finances are finally in alignment.” ~~Lansing State Journal

"The novelty of the Bolcom piece, and its thorough workover from Muffitt and the crew, should not obscure the evening’s biggest triumph: an energized, towering, profound performance of Samuel Barber's First Symphony.
Muffitt gave the Barber an exhilarating, sea-spray feel of adventure. Every player seemed locked into the score and swept up in the music’s power.
With apologies to Leonard Slatkin and everybody else who has recorded this piece, Saturday’s performance was the by far the strongest I’ve ever heard." ~~Lansing City Pulse, Nov. 2015

"Muffitt made the music move with an irresistable sweep." ~~Los Angeles Times

“The masterpiece here [on a recent Sono Luminus recording], of course, is the Berg, which sounds as impassioned, conflicted and intricately layered as ever. Nothing appears to cause anxiety for the Baton Rouge musicians, who dispatch the score’s rhythmic and expressive challenges with handsome aplomb ... and the winds perform with cohesive and precise assurance under conductor Timothy Muffitt.” ~~Gramophone Magazine

"... a performance of unusual depth.  Muffitt exuded integrity and passion throughout." ~~The Orange County Register

"It was a pleasure to follow his clear and evocative baton ... and [to play with] such a fine and responsive orchestra. ~~ Christopher O'Reilly, pianist, from his blog of September 16, 2009

“Over the past five years, Muffitt has excelled at keeping butts in seats while stretching the brains above them. With each subscription concert, he has found a way to expand Lansing’s classical music experience...”  ~~Lawrence Cosentino, Lansing City Pulse

"We truly live in an amazing city [Baton Rouge, LA] with an extraordinary orchestra ... an enthusiastic audience and sold-out performance."   ~~Baton Rouge Advocate

"They kept up the emotional intensity, never lost sight of the music’s inner logic and brought the listeners right with them through all 72 minutes [of Mahler's Fifth Symphony]."   ~~The Lansing City Pulse

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